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This morning you broke my heart.
Shattered on the floor.
I can still hear the echo
reverberating off the bathroom door.
You don't love me anymore.
Not a speculation, but an absolution.
You said it, I heard it.
And this time I promise I heard right.
That I went to sleep alone last night.
Only to wake in the morning, light
in my eyes. first words -
"You know I don't love you"
But you want to kiss my face,
and pretend like its okay.
When questioned, you have no time.
you'd rather sleep on the couch
than deal with this --- ouch.
Like Im not worth your time.
Break up another line
Because it will numb the lie
that you did this for me.
This was all for you.
Don't flatter yourself in thinking
you were stopping me from sinking.
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